Stenciling – Everything old is new again



What is the color of the walls in your office? If your answer was white or beige, then chances are you are among the majority of individuals who work, and sometimes live in bland spaces. Don’t you think its time for a change?

The walls of your home are more then just dividers. They reflect your own aesthetic preferences, needs, and creativity. Instead of going with a single color (which is equivalent to the beige option,) why not do something extraordinary?

The best way for your to add charm, character, and creativity is through stenciling or faux finishes. Lets take a moment to discuss both to see why they are growing in popularity.

Alternative to Wallpaper

Stenciling is an excellent alternative to wallpaper. While wallpaper is falling out of style, there is an increasing demand for custom designs. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy exemplify an American made Arts & Crafts movement. If you look at the walls of preserved Victorian Era buildings, you will see an incredible array of designs. Having been stenciled or even hand painted at times, these walls make an incredible statement, conveying the thoughts, interests, and artistic styles of the inhabitants to family and guests alike. With stenciling, it is now possible to create the same effect in your own home.

Create Fascinating Textures

Applying a faux finish to a wall means applying a cover layer that mimics the appearance of other materials, like stone, wood, or even marble. These finishes can come in a wide range, and work especially well with stenciling designs. When combined and executed with care, the end result can be a room that pops out and grabs your attention.

A Unique Home

Why settle for a single uniform color for a wall? Why not spend a little bit of time and create something that you can be proud of? Stenciling allows for you to make your home unique. Instead of your walls just being another run of the mill color, you can apply a stenciling design that matches your tastes. Don’t settle for wallpaper when you can make something and take pride in the final appearance.

Ultimately, what you do with your walls is up to you. If you want to make a statement and impress however, then you should seriously consider stenciling. Whether it is a single room or your entire home, stenciling and faux finishes can make your home look and feel the way you want.


Refurbishing Bronze Fountain


Bronze Fountain – Before

Refurbished bronze

Downtown Salem Oregon has several really beautiful historic homes.  Over the years I have had the privilege of painting in some of those homes, hearing their stories, their history.

It is an amazing thing to come across people who care not just about having a beautiful place to live but to become care takers of the history of a home.  That is truly what Willy and Karen are.  Making their home and it’s surrounding gardens a gorgeous and peaceful oasis is what comes natural to them but preserving history is priority.

Recently I was entrusted with “Pixie”, the Kohne’s bronze garden fairy who sits peacefully in their breathtaking water feature that Willy designed.  Pixie sits behind three flowers that serve as the fountain for the main water feature pool.  The water is chlorinated so major corrosion had begun where that water had hit.  The corrosion on the base leaves had begun to eat through several layers of the metal.

Pixie base

I am so thankful for the input of the many bronze artists that I spoke to about Pixie.  They stressed to me the importance of preparing the metal properly and then sealing it with the right types of paint to stop the corrosion.

So, I set about to work on Pixie using a dremel and soft wire bits to remove the areas of extensive corrosion.  The next step was to get a good automotive paint primer on that etches into the metal, followed by an automotive paint and finally clear coat.

Pixie’s wing got a very special touch.  They were covered with 24 karat gold leaf and then clear coated with a uv filtering top coat.